Tuba one of the most high-quality products and beverages that produce the most desirable in the city of Kashan in Iran Ghamsar and distillates rose


All customers and our partners for the purchase and apply different agencies in cities and the city can contact us at the beginning and end of the page to contact us


Industrial complexes, tourist Rose T. has equipped laboratories in Iran, and Iran is proud of producing the best waters.

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Tuba company's products with best quality and price has annually attracted a large customer satisfaction.

Kashan-Qmsr- cuts left after petrol station Postcode: 87517-37511 PO Box: 87135-1188

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Management: 031-55646585 Office: 031-55646575 Fax: 031-55646595

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PO Box: 87135-1188 Postal Code: 87517-37511

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